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Voices Report

Following the violent shootings in Atlanta on March 16 in which 6 of the 8 people murdered were women of Asian descent, API Middle Tennessee hosted two Processing Sessions dedicated to Asians and Pacific Islanders. It was clear from both sessions that so many of us are feeling pain, tenderness, anger, regret and a host of other emotions, sometimes all at the same time. As part of our ongoing processing, and to help non-API allies understand some of what the API community might be going through in this time of continued hatred against AAPI, we invited those that identify as Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander to fill out an anonymous survey. The responses of those who gave us permission to share are below. Our hope with sharing these responses is to open up lines of communication, as well as provide information to allies on what they can do to support API community members.

Download the report here:

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