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Need help voting?

Call the multilingual voter voter hotline from APIA Vote and Asian Americans Advancing Justice if you need any assistance with voting or at the polls: 1-888-274-8683

Voting Information by County

Check with your county election commission for more information.​

Live in a different county? Check here.

Make our voice heard!

One way to make sure that the needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander community are met is by voting.  We can make Tennessee a more welcoming place for our community when we vote and elect leaders that listen to and represent us.

What's your voting plan?

Taking a quick minute to plan how you will cast your ballot by asking yourself these questions:

  • When will I vote?

  • Where will I vote?

  • How will I get there?

  • Do I know who I want to vote for?

  • Do I know anyone that wants to come with me?

If you're not sure about any of these, feel free to reach out to for help!

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