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who we are

API Middle Tennessee's Board of Directors is responsible for leading the organization and maintaining compliant with standards as a 501(c)(3).  We strive for having a diverse board that reflects the rich diversity of our local API community.

board of directors
  • Armi Rhodes

  • Binh Ngo, Treasurer

  • Diana King

  • Erin Jung, Secretary

  • Meendy Singleton

  • Jing Geng, Board Chair

  • Sai Rao

  • Sota Koy

  • Yurina Yoshikawa

The API Middle Tennessee Board meets once every other month.  Members can serve up to two consecutive two-year terms.  If you are interested in serving on the Board, please email for more information about our nominating process.

joseph gutierrez.jpg
joseph gutierrez
executive director | he/him | filipino

Joseph Gutierrez is originally from Los Angeles, CA and moved to Nashville in 2014.  He has a master's degree in Community Development and has worked at education-focused nonprofit organizations.  When not working, Joseph can be found riding his bike around Nashville, playing video games, or hanging out with his dog, Donut.

Joseph is always happy to talk about API Middle Tennessee!

connect: | linkedin

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